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Benetti Fern & Leafage

BenettiFERN and BenettiLEAFAGE: the new green collections by BenettiHOME. Preserved and maintenance free, they are supplied on aluminum panel standard size 60×80 cm. (23,62″ x 31,50″). The fixation is easy and quick (preferably by screwing).

After laying the panels, the edges will be fully covered by the plants, obtaining an amazing optical final result. BenettiFERN and BenettiLEAFAGE are for interior only.

Meet the Parents

Benetti Home is the "Italian design emotion'. A dynamic and professional team with over 20 years experience gained in the realization of worldwide projects with Benetti MOSS, the natural vertical garden maintenance free. Our clients wish to live in ever-greener places and we passionately dress their dreams in nature.