Verde Profilo MOSSwall Nature

Use cases
  • Moss
  • Commercial
  • Office areas

Verde Profilo - MOSSwall

Handmade in Italy and shipped globally; MOSSwall® is the world leader in this type of material application. Mosswall® is created from natural lichen that is used for indoor use. After harvesting, from sustainable sources, the MOSSwall® is stabilized and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust.

Due to its molecular structure, MOSSwall® requires a relative humidity of 40 to 50% and doesn't like to be placed into direct sunlight. However due to the preservation and anti-static treatment MOSSwall® is 100% zero maintenance.

However, MOSSwall® is not simply a beautiful product it also has an important function, by natural default of the lichen it is certified for fire and for sound absorption.

MOSSwall is suitable not only for home spaces but also for shopping malls, wellness areas, offices, and hotels. With MOSSwall, architects and interior designers can create amazing green spaces from a residential villa to Hospitality, Retail or Commercial office space.

Meet the Parents

The brand Verde Profilo® was founded in 2008 by Stefano Laprocina, a young agronomist, connoisseur and lover of nature, who decided to promote and share a new green philosophy for the exploration of the concept of all-round green.

The mission of Verde Profilo® is to make a more spontaneous relationship between the individual and nature, exploiting the ability of the latter to adapt also to the architecture designed by man.

The curiosity, the constant search for innovative techniques and materials have led Verde Profilo® to explore the concept of green that evolves in many design possibilities.

From the design of Gardens in Style and Orangeries, elegant private gardens, public areas, Winter Gardens and Parks, to the vertical green solution with Vertical Gardens, Vertical Lawns and Vertical Hortus, to the creation of indoor solutions for exhibitions, shops, hotels, showrooms, spas and offices made with the innovative patented system MOSSwall®.