Carpets Inter Carpets

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  • Breaking Waves
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  • Emporium
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  • Lucent
  • On Board
  • Tavola
  • Vila Rica
Use cases
  • Carpet
  • Commercial
  • Office areas
Bangkok, Thailand

Carpets Inter

Carpets Inter is one of the largest contract carpet manufacturers of woven, tufted, and modular-tile carpets for hospitality and commercial markets including special sectors such as cruise & aviation. Our comprehensive product range also covers non-woven needle punched floorings for automotive and exhibition sectors, as well as outdoor tufted synthetic grass for landscaping & sports. 

We believe our machine tufted carpets offer many additional benefits, such as ease of installation, and underfloor maintenance with minimum disruption. Machine tufted carpets allow you to accentuate specific areas by highlighting meeting rooms and reception areas with a unique design, color or tile layout.